Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here There Be Dragons, Etc! AKA Blog Introductory Post

Did you ever see Clash of the Titans? I saw it when it first came out, at least five times. That was back when they didn't kick you out of a movie, so you could sit there and rewatch it several times. I was captivated. I can't remember if was in love with the myths already then. I was nourished and weaned on fairy tales growing up so I think that was always a part of me. I thought all the creatures and characters were interesting, but my favorite was the Pegasus. Pegasus was a winged-horse who adopted Perseus, the young hero who is a natural son of Zeus. I remember the awe of seeing the beautiful, majestic, white, winged horse and falling in love. I even had a poster of Pegasus on my wall.

Pegasus is not the only mythical beastie I love. There is a long list of them. The purpose of this blog is to dedicate each post to these creatures and characters. I haven't decided if I will have time to post weekly or monthly. I fear that daily is out of my reach. But I will endeavor to post regularly at least. I will include all references for those of a scholarly bent. Consider this the post of many and we will reacquaint ourselves with Pegasus in the near feature. So let the show begin! This picture comes from Mythological Creature Pictures. See the link below.


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